Michael Waldhuber, CEO

Mike has been living in Calgary the longest, most of his 40 years in fact.  He was first introduced to Hydroponic Farming on a trip to DisneyWorld in 2007 where he proposed to his lovely wife, Jamie. Not only was he swept off his feet by her, but he was amazed to find a lot of the produce you were served at the restaurants was locally grown, hydroponically right there at Disney.  The seed was planted!

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Doug Young, Sales Manager

Doug has been residing in Calgary since 2000 and has had many sales roles in a variety of consumer packaged goods as well as Oil & Gas.  His exposure to food service though got him thinking...there has to be a better way.  Combining his experience with modular camps and shipping containers in the oil and gas world, he began to research urban farming.  During some campfire conversations with Mike, that seed was watered! 

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Jamie Waldhuber, GM Operations

Jamie is originally from Manitoba and comes from a long line of grain farmers.  She has been in Calgary for 13 years.  Jamie runs a busy house of active individuals and she strives to enhance their healthy lifestyle by educating herself on gardening, offering fresh vegetables - garden to table style.  She recognized early on the quality of the food she could grow herself, freshly and steps away from her door vs. the produce available at local grocery stores.  She too was convinced that a year-round farm was the way to go.  And that seed started to sprout!

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Tracy Young, Marketing/Communications

Tracy is originally from Manitoba as well, is Jamie's cousin and also grew up on a grain farm.  Her fond memories of gardening with her Mom and canning preserves for the winter, fuels her passion for VFF.  Looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle for her family prompted her to begin gardening and share the production back and forth with her cousin.  Excited at the prospect of fresh greens in January, the modular farm idea seemed like a no-brainer.  The seed was now a full grown plant!

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